Improve Your Conversion Rate with Social Media Marketing

At the end of the day, all businesses more or less want to accomplish the same thing with their social media marketing strategies: convert as many leads as possible. Lead conversion is indicative of a successful campaign since it means your brought followers to your business and completed an interaction. Here’s how you can improve your conversion rate:

1. Define what constitutes a conversion

All marketers talk about conversion, but they’re not all referring to the same thing. Businesses define conversion differently based on their goals. While one business may define conversion as a sale, another may see it as an additional newsletter subscription. If you want to improve your conversion rate, then you first need to decide what a conversion is.

2. Track social media and site metrics

Before you convert leads, you need to generate them. The reason why lead generation isn’t indicative of a successful campaign is because leads don’t always convert. If you generate irrelevant leads that have nothing to do with your target audience, then they won’t make much of an impact.

According to a recent Marketing Land article, you should track social media metrics to find out where your relevant leads are coming from:

“Consider campaigns that require users to fill out a form or sign up to get the benefit or value being offered — but remember to keep an eye on these conversions to see if you’re driving meaningful, long-term customers through your campaign. To measure your social media campaign’s impact on conversions, track metrics like total site entries, total conversions and assisted social conversions.”

3. Play to your strengths

The next and final step is to act on what you find out from the metrics. If your Facebook followers are a great source of relevant leads, then you should focus your efforts on the site. You may also find out that other sources, like Twitter, your organic traffic, or marketing emails, are a better in terms of lead generation. The important thing is that you use the takeaway from the metrics to improve your marketing efforts.

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