7 Key Tactics The Pros Use For Social Media Marketing

If you want to really knock your social media marketing efforts out of the park, you can take lessons from what the pros are doing successfully. Look to the pros and then see how you can mirror the same tactics within your own accounts.

Here are 7 key places to start:

  1. Host social media events. You can build a strong, loyal following in social media by hosting social media events. Put the focus on your fans with a Friday fan page share or highlight your most active members. Do a Twitter chat or a virtual party.
  2. Use images with your Facebook updates. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In social media, a great image with your status update could be worth so much more.
  3. Connect with others in your market. You want to take time to connect with the people who are creating impact within your industry. You should know your competition in your market and be sure they know you also.
  4. Go where your customers are. Don’t worry about being everywhere online. Instead, you should focus on the platforms where your customers are already.
  5. Broadcast live to connect with your audience. Go live via Periscope and bring them into your world. Record a day in the life of (your business or brand). Live video is truly the future of marketing and social media makes it easier for anyone to do it.
  6. Study your stats. Social media metrics from Google Analytics, Insights from Facebook, and more are some ways you can analyze your social stats.
  7. Analyze your past content. What worked in the past? What posts did people respond to the most? Which posts converted best for you? Use the data from your past content to help you create great future content.

Now that you have these key tactics for social media marketing, you’re ready to rock your social media presence.

These are just a few key tactics the pros use but there are so many other great tips out there. You can start implementing these right away. It also pays to take time to explore your own niche and audience and look for more ways to connect with your target market.

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